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Harney & Sons Guide to Tea

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The Founder of Harney & Sons asked his son Michael to join him in 1998. Michael became the tea taster for Harney & Sons. This book is what he has learned. The Harney & Sons Guide to Tea transforms tea drinkers into tea experts. Written by Michael Harney, The Harney & Sons Guide to Tea is an illuminating resource for tea drinkers interested in developing and refining their palate as well as their understanding of the complex agricultural, historical, and cultural significance of tea.

Drawing on his singular experience, Michael masterly explores the full range of teas, revealing how each tea is distinctive, with a taste that derives from a precise combination of cultivation and production techniques, and influenced by the geography as well as its history. These lively profiles of diverse tea varieties from delicate white tea to aged black pu erh tea include brewing instructions and vivid descriptions of the beverage scent, taste, and appearance; everything you need to become a connoisseur. 

Unique in scope, candor, and accessibility, The Harney & Sons Guide to Tea has become the classic reference and staple in the library of every serious tea drinker.